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Welcome to Paperless Educator! Here you will find resources and useful tips that I hope will help you to integrate digital technology tools with learning in a meaningful way.

You're all about digital technology and you're advocating no more screen time?
I certainly am, however like all good blog twists, it isn't what you think!
Let's agree to put the gaming debate to one side and agree to only talk about using digital technology in regards to more conventional learning opportunities (for the moment).
I have had the good fortune to work with families and educators over the last three years and this is what I observed.
When the student picked up the iPad or Tablet it was to work on a pre planned, structured project that specified certain apps as the toolkit.
It was ordered, safe and narrow.
I want you to stop that!
My Fussy Frog project was such a hit in our recent coding workshop! The participants were complete beginners and eager to delve into the...