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Digital Technologies - Fussy Frog - A Beginner Scratch Jr Project

Cover Image from Digital Technologies Fussy Frog Scratch Jr Beginners Coding Project.
My Fussy Frog project was such a hit in our recent coding workshop!
The participants were complete beginners and eager to delve into the exciting world of programming with Scratch Jr!

The kids varied in age, 8 - 12 years and we used IOS as our platform.
(Note: Scratch Jr is a free app that is also available for Android and Chromebooks)

I designed this project to introduce most of the Scratch Jr programming blocks and the paint editor without it being too overwhelming.
It seemed to light a spark with the kids as I have been flooded with emails since linking me to their wonderful Scratch Jr projects! 

I was thrilled to receive positive feedback from classroom teachers also, letting me know that it is a great project in a traditional classroom setting. The use of the Safe Share TV for the student tutorial videos made it safe and accessible for self-directed learning and the students found it easy to simply scan the provided QR codes to watch each tutorial when they were ready for each new step.
"My students love this project"
"Loved this...the videos were so nicely laid out and in manageable increments and the project was fun for kids to personalize! Thank you!!"
 "Thankyou so much! What a great project to start off with. It is very helpful to have the QR codes leading to your videos filtered with Safe Search TV it allows students to work independently at their own pace. Make more please!"

Alignment: This project is perfect for Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies: ACTDIP004, ACTDIP010 or
ISTE Standards 5D for USA & UK curriculums.

You can purchase the project for your own students from my Teacher Pay Teachers Shop HERE!